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Steelers to re-sign Davenport (1 Viewer)



Report: Steelers to re-sign Davenport

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Steelers brought Najeh Davenport in for a workout Tuesday and plan to sign him.

Pittsburgh needs backfield help with Rashard Mendenhall, Willie Parker and Carey Davis all sidelined, and Davenport spent two seasons with the team before being let go in June. Depending on Davis' status, Davenport could get a look in short-yardage situations as soon as Sunday, likely splitting time with Mewelde Moore and Gary Russell. Sep. 30 - 12:21 pm et

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


This will make for some interesting ordering of waiver requests this week.

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As long as he keeps taking dumps in chicks' closets I'm good with this signing!

My stomach hurts...I'm gonna go take a Najeh.

That Pitt backfield turned to crap in a big hurry

Sorry, it was too easy.

I thought Moore looked decent decent last night and Najeh knows the offense. Makes sense to me.

I haven't read any of the replies here yet, but have there been any poop jokes or references to poop?

A bit off topic, but little known fact about Najeh Davenport: In college, he once crapped in a girl's closet.

Google it.

He may be used in short yardage because he's always been good at moving the pile. The time off may hamper him though.

The back judge will have to watch him the whole game, as he is a notorius crap back blocker, and intentional grounder.

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A bit off topic, but little known fact about Najeh Davenport: In college, he ALLEGEDLY once crapped in a girl's closet.

Google it.
Fixed due to some googling that turned up this quote: "Where's the evidence? Where's the manure?" Davenport asked outside court. "I know I didn't do it -- I just wanted to get it over with."
It is said that when Davenport enters inside the opponent's 20, it has been renamed "the Brown Zone"

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If Daven port decides to leave a present, could the STEELERS be flagged with a "Too many men on the field penalty"?

This thread really has declined rapidly.

We went to some witty response to pretty much saying

Davenport is a ####head in a matter of seconds.....

OMG!! Too freaking funny!! Seriously though, will someone please offer some insight without a poop joke? Or at least, accompany an insight with a poop joke! LOL.

As expected, Najeh Davenport has been re-signed by the Steelers, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Our View: He was brought back as Willie Parker has been ruled out for Week 5 with his ailing knee, and rookie Rashard Mendenhall is out for the season with a fractured shoulder. Davenport looks to share the workload with Mewelde Moore this weekend at Jacksonville, and holds some fantasy value as he excels in short-yardage and could snipe goal-line scores.

Do you think he will wear the Poopinater{ offshoot of Ontaario Smith Wizzinater} under his pads?

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