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Steelers vs Chiefs game thread (1 Viewer)


Probably the best game of the day and there’s no thread? 35-28 Kansas City and we’re still in the 3rd quarter. 

Neither team has any defense to speak of. 

Kansas City’s first 3 drives of the first half were touchdowns, first 3 drives of the second half were touchdowns.

But with Kansas City it’s because their offense scores so damn fast.  
Their secondary is pretty awful too. Getting Eric Berry back should help some, but trading Marcus Peters for peanuts was such a godawful move. And the guy signed to be KC’s CB2 this year (Amerson) was so terrible he didn’t even make the 53-man roster.

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Great decision tomlin to punt & give ball back so your league worst defense can let chiefs chew up more clock. So sick of tomlin and his underachieving. But we'll hear, who out there that is available is better. Cant be worse than this train wreck. Send def coordinator with him, pathetic.


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