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Stevie Johnson to draw Haden island? (1 Viewer)


Big separation in the rankings from Dodds to Bloom. Bloom is apparently worried about Haden covering Stevie Johnson. Dodd's has him as a WR2 and Bloom has him as a risky WR4.

Question for the pool: Isn't Johnson a slot receiver? Why would Haden be covering the slot? Or does he shadow the opposing team's best wideout? Could homers from the Bills and Browns chime in?

This is exactly what I've been mulling over all week. I'm benching Stevie regardless but when has Haden ever covered the slot guy? I'm inclined to think he'll be shadowing Woods but admittedly don't know enough to come to any concrete conclusion.

good question, he was doing well till last week. Dont know if his nagging injury is affecting him. Im probably gonna keep him on my bench this week just in case they have Haden shadowing him and he doesnt seem 100% healthly

Stevie beats anyone, he has owned Revis in the past.

I am more concerned about EJ playing poorly on the road again until he gains experience.

Too bad Stevie faced a Haden-less CLE last year (I believe Haden served a four week suspension) so we have zero data to work with.

There's just too many negatives here for me to feel comfortable starting him.

facing Haden, bad hammy, Thursday road game. All signs point to bench, so he'll probably blow up for 2 TDs.

I like what I've seen so far from Johnson this year. Manuel is playing better than I thought he would as a rookie. I don't own Johnson in any league, but I think he is going to be a great buy low after this weekend. After a Zero against Baltimore, and likely a less than average game tonight, owners will be looking to deal.

Rolling with Bob Woods tonight@#@$
yep, just picked him up and i'm starting him over stevie/roddy/nate washington

per footballoutsiders, the browns have 6th ranked defense vs. #1 WRs and 26th ranked defense vs. #2 WRs. that matches really well with what i've seen on the field - buster skrine is pretty bad all-around and a penalty machine to boot. combine this with stevie's injury issues and the browns' tough run D, and i feel like woods is the shark play in this game.

I'm not overly concerned about Haden. He played Green well, but he was getting Safety over help and that allowed him to be very aggressive in coverage vs. Green. I don't think Johnson will warrant that type of commitment from Clev even if Haden shadows him. Haden is a great player but I think Johnson can put up points in 1 on 1 coverage still.

Haden shut down both Wallace and A.J Green. He contained T. Smith to some extent (85 yards) and I have no clue who he covered vs. MIN but they all played like ####. Clearly, none of the aforementioned dudes play out of the slot.

Again, I don't know enough about the situation which is why I'm avoiding it all together but there's honestly no guarantee that Haden doesn't just end up covering Woods. Good luck guys.

IMO Stevie is a strong WR3 and wouldn't sit him for guys like Givens, S. Rice, D. Moore or Bowe

Mike Rodak ‏@mikerodak 37s

Stevie Johnson is headed to the locker room with 2 minutes left in first half and Bills offense on field. Has pink towel over his head.

I just hope they don't stick Haden all over Woods now. He should have had two more catches in the first half.


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