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**Still Need Players!** $25 18 team Guillotine League on Yahoo - Drafting Wednesday 9/7 @ 11pm EDT (1 Viewer)



We still have spots left for an 18 team Guillotine League on Yahoo. The league is open to the public on Yahoo, so the spots may not last long!

The team with the lowest score each week will be eliminated, and all of the players on the eliminated team will be sent to waivers. The remaining teams will then be able to bid on those players with a FAB - $1000 to use all season. The eliminating will continue until there are two teams left, and at that point the higher scoring team in Week 18 will be the winner for the season.

The buy in is $25, and payment will be through Yahoo. Payment is due before the draft starts - Wednesday 9/7 at 11pm EDT.

The rosters will be composed as follows: 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 W/R/T, 6 bench spaces, 1 IR space (no D/ST or K). Scoring is standard 0.5 PPR Yahoo scoring. There will be no trades allowed.

The draft will be a standard live snake draft, 1 minute per pick.

Payouts will be as follows: 1st place $270, 2nd place $135, 3rd place $45.

Any questions, please comment below!

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