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Still some spots left in a $25 league (1 Viewer)


I have some spots left in a ten team $25 league. Payouts at the end of the season are:

First-$75 and a trophy

Second: $50 and a plaque

Third: $25 and a certificate

We are using yahoo and there will be a live online draft.

Not a lot of rules and no other cost during the season. All trades and moves are free.

If your interested you can email me at:



No I just use paypal. As you can see I also buy a trophy,plaque and professionally printed certificate for the winners. The $100 that is not being paid out goes to buy them and pay for shipping to the winners. League safe only releases the funds after the season is over and I order and pay for the prizes long before that.

If your interested let me know.

thanks for your interest.


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