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Sunday Morning - TE Thread (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

With a lot of players likely to be rested and others likely to be limited, post what you here relating to TEs here.If we start pinning each player it could be overloaded today. If we need the individual player threads, not matter how many, then let us know

Can anyone speculate as to the TENN TE crew regarding thier injury status, and expected perfprmance with the wildcard QB?Kinney Practiced on Friday - is he still expected to play?Like Kinney Troupe is also listed as questionable (gotta love TENN injuries) - I think he is more likely to play?What about the guy whose name I can't spell - Scaffe(?) or something?

FWIW, I'd be more confident in Bo Scaife this week than either Kinney or Troupe after last week's debacle. Plus, it's a risky prop playing either one with Matt Mauck (likely) starting today. It's hard to say if he'll check down a lot, or if he'll favor throwing to Bennett, Roby, etc.I have Kinney in one league and opted for Alex Smith (TB).. after I got burned going with him last week in the title game.


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