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Sunday News, Notes and Inactives (1 Viewer)

Jene Bramel

For those still playing in Week 17...

St. Louis at Atlanta

Fakhir Brown did not practice this week and is inactive.

John Abraham is questionable, as are Coy Wire and Lawyer Milloy. Jamaal Anderson may not play. Milloy and Anderson are inactive, Wire and Milloy active.

New England at Buffalo

Tedy Bruschi and Richard Seymour are out. James Sanders was questionable but is active. Gary Guyton and Ty Warren are also active.

Jabari Greer is out. Kawika Mitchell was questionable but is active today.

Kansas City at Cincinnati

Kansas City has no significant defensive inactives.

Cincinnati has no significant defensive inactives.

Chicago at Houston

Mike Brown was placed on IR this week. Craig Steltz will start in his place.

Xavier Adibi and Nick Ferguson are both inactive this week.

New York Giants at Minnesota

Aaron Ross is out. Barry Cofield is inactive.

Pat Williams remains out.

Carolina at New Orleans

Damione Lewis and Maake Kemoeatu are both inactive this week.

New Orleans has no significant defensive inactives.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Leon Williams is inactive.

Ryan Clark is out. James Harrison is inactive per NFLN.

Oakland at Tampa Bay

Kalimba Edwards is out. Nmandi Asomugha is inactive.

Gaines Adams, Greg White, Jovan Haye and Derrick Brooks were questionable but are all active.

Tennessee at Indianapolis

Dave Ball, Nick Harper and David Thornton are all inactive. Jacob Ford and Stephen Tulloch will see more playing time today.

Gary Brackett, Bob Sanders and Freddy Keiaho are out. Tyjuan Hagler will start at WLB, with Buster Davis back in the middle after being benched in the second half last week. Melvin Bullitt is questionable, but is inactive. Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney are also inactive.

Detroit at Green Bay

Ernie Sims, Corey Smith and Dewayne White were questionable. Sims and White are active; Smith is inactive.

Green Bay has no significant defensive inactives.


Jacksonville at BaltimoreJacksonville has no significant defensive injuries.

Antwan Barnes is out. Jarret Johnson and Ed Reed are questionable.

Seattle at Arizona

Leroy Hill and DD Lewis are out again.

Travis LaBoy is doubtful. Adrian Wilson is questionable.

Washington at San Francisco

London Fletcher is questionable but will play.

San Francisco has no significant defensive injuries.

Miami at New York Jets

Channing Crowder is questionable but expected to play.

The Jets have no significant defensive injuries.

Dallas at Philadelphia

Dallas has no significant defensive injuries.

Stewart Bradley and Brian Dawkins are questionable. Omar Gaither could fill in at MLB and Quintin Demps would replace Brian Dawkins.


Denver at San DiegoDenver has no significant defensive injuries.

San Diego has no significant defensive injures.

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Mathis, Freeney, Foster, Sanders, Bullitt, Keiaho and Brackett all inactive for Indianapolis.

Thornton, Ball, Harper, VDB and Haynesworth for Tennessee.

All the early game inactives are in.

Morlon Greenwood, Brandon Harrison, Lawrence Timmons, Raheem Brock, Tyjuan Hagler, Craig Steltz, Jacob Ford, Antoine Bethea, Andra Davis, Stephen Tulloch and Matt Giordano all get a bump in value this week.

Good luck to those still playing.

Adrian Wilson is questionable.

Dang. I just put Routt in for Wilson.

Wish I had more on Adrian, who didnt seem to do anything last week.
Tough call.Wilson probably isn't any less likely to start than the past two weeks, but the rest issue looms large, even with Francisco and Ware dinged. There's nothing in the local media about Wilson this week, which suggests he's not any worse and Whisenhunt suggested he'd play his starters this week.

That's all I got for now. :unsure:

Adrian Wilson, Channing Crowder, Stewart Bradley and Brian Dawkins are active.

No surprising inactives this afternoon.


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