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Sunday Night players - Branch, Galloway & Griese all QST (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Post any updates here

Please note that this is not a who do I start thread regarding this player.

Any posts not relating to the latest injury news will be deleted

Please go to the assistant coach forum if you have a lineup decision to make or bump a more recent thread with discussion other than news about this(these) players status for today.

According to Seahawks Insider, Branch made the trip and Holmgren holds out a shred of hope that he might play but doesn't sound very optimistic about it. He'll test it today but there's nothing new on it yet.

Branch and Galloway both inactive.

Inactives for game:


Brandon Coutu

Matt Hasselbeck

Kevin Hobbs

Mansfield Wrotto

Deion Branch

Will Heller

Baraka Atkins

Howard Green

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

QB Josh Johnson

QB Brian Griese

FB B.J. Askew

G Anthony Davis

T James Lee

WR Joey Galloway

WR Maurice Stovall

DT Greg Peterson


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