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Sunday Ticket News? (1 Viewer)


In only a few years, every NFL game might be available on TV — at a cost, of course — without a fan needing to install a satellite dish.

DirecTV executives said recently they are considering allowing their exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket package to lapse when the current $1 billion deal expires in 2015. If that happens, DirecTV might simply sell the package.

DirecTV has heavily marketed its Sunday Ticket exclusivity and used it to acquire new subscribers, who are often given the package for free for the first season in which they pay for the service. But with rights fees increasing substantially with every renegotiation, DirecTV might reach the same conclusion that some fans do: A Sunday ticket simply costs too much.

from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

I'd rather not see this happen. I haven't paid for the ST in years because its so easy to get DTV to give it away by threatening to cancel service. If we have to buy directly from the NFL there will be no freebies.


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