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Super Bowl XXXVIII (1 Viewer)

Anyone else think the Panthers are gonna need some big breaks and some extreme luck to win this game? Go Carolina!

A friend of mine who was visiting Las Vegas last week said that if he was in town for the Super Bowl he would definitely make a prop bet for the Patriots to score first. I said I thought it was probably a good bet since the Patriots start so fast.Then again, Viniteiri just missed the field goal I was sure he would make.

Wow, chalk up a few big breaks for Carolina already! First they hold the Pats (conservative call, run on 3rd and long), and then Vinitieri misses the 31 yd fg.

3 and out for the Panthers.
And again. I think Delhomme is gonig to have to make some big plays for the Panthers to win since the Patriots should put up to 12 ;) in the box to stop the run.
Power vs power with CAR trying to run. Wonder who'll crack first?J
I think Fox is calling it perfectly.... 2 running plays and one shot downfield each possession. Sooner or later, they break down the def front, or they connect on a long shot. I think to win this game Carolina must run the ball... they must threaten downfield, and they must get some big plays on defense.NE with the ball at midfield, 1st and 10.
Carolina defense has showed up to play. This series NE almost got enough for 1st down. During the entire playoffs, they got just enough every time.Panthers ball at their own 10, first down.

I feel De'Shaun Foster could really unlock the Pats D once they've had the usual dose of Stephen Davis.

Almost a sack at the 1 yard line! Still, the Pathers go 3 and out again. They haven't look good on offense at all.

All three and out series so far. This time NE is going to get great field position. Carolina keeps dodging the bullets, but sooner or later they're gonna pay for not being able to move the ball.

Brown drops the punt and Grant drops the sure interception. 2 big mistakes and CAR let them off on both cases. NE doesn't give you many of those. I'd be very nervous if I'm CAR right now.J

I hope this doesnt turn into a 10- 6 game.....I thought New England could score MORE easily
Perhaps the two best teams in the league actually are in the Superbowl for once. Certainly the two best defenses. NE 3rd and 3 from the Car 31.
That 3rd down stop by Carolina was extra big because the Pats probably would have gone for it on 4th down from that field position.

How long before the Panthers break a big run up the middle... these announcers are setting it up just great...

Carolina big break #2, holding on Ty Law, Panthers first down and more importantly making strides in field position; finally.

That wasn't exactly 3 and out. But, the Panthers didn't get a first down by running or passing. They only got it on a 3rd down Patritots' penalty. There hasn't been one impressive Pathers ofensive play.

It might look as though the Panthers are doing absolutely nothing, but I think all that pounding might eventually start to wear the Pats down. That's why the Pats really need to get a lead now.

The Patriots are running a lot better than the Panthers so far. However, the passing game hasn't done anything for the Pats.

It might look as though the Panthers are doing absolutely nothing, but I think all that pounding might eventually start to wear the Pats down. That's why the Pats really need to get a lead now.
I don't think the Patriots have been taking a pounding. The Panthers have only had 12 offensive plays.
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ANOTHER huge third down by this Panther defense. Carolina gets the ball at their 37... Fox is winning back the field position, and the momentum is shifting.....So far, this game is very close...

When does the offense show up for either team. The Under looks like a lock, as was the pick by many.The Defense might have to break the scoring drought with a big play.

LOL at the Pepsi commercial with the kid who got busted downloading music... okay, that's the first good commercial.


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