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superbowl over/under (1 Viewer)

Horses Mouth

So I'm currently at the Mirage and their over/under is 46.5. Thinking about doing the over. Never done this before. Thoughts?

If you are sure the Steelers will win, under. If you are sure the Cards will win, over. If you are on the fence and have a feeling about the over, bet it. Its only money.

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I'd rather take Az getting the 6.5.. :rolleyes: they'll win this thing outright, but I'm not sure I'd get involved with an O/U bet..

7 of last 10 SBs gone under 46.5, 6 of last 10 Florida SBs gone under 46.5
I like the under in this game as well. Good 'Zona O against a good Pitt D keeps the points under. I've got the Cards beating the Steelers on a FG(Rackers hits one from over 45yds) with under a minute left in the 4th quarter, 24-21.
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haven't officially decided yet, but i'm strongly leaning under at this point. check out my site if u wanna see what i decide on next week


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