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SuperFlex Dynasty Trade question (1 Viewer)


Was offered Alvin Kamara and Quez Watkins for D. Swift and Tee Higgins.

This is a bran new superflex dynasty this year.  I'm inclined to take it because I don't have any real "studs" on my team for this year right now.  I focused on youth and the future more with this start up draft going Burrow and Lawrence with my first two picks.

The trade honestly feels like a no brainer but this is my first dynasty experience...........  anyone with more dynasty experience want to weigh in?

My roster:

QB: J. Burrow, T. Lawrence, D. Lock, D. Watson

RB: D. Swift, T. Williams, D. Henderson, Darrynton Evans, P. Lindsay, R. Penny, J. Connor

WR: B. Aiyuk, R. Wods, T. McLaurin, T. Higgins, D. Peoples-Jones, KJ Osborn, MVS, J. Reagor, P. Campbell, 

TE: D. Parhma, L. Thomas, A. Trautman



I would hold strong where your at as this is not a good deal for you in a dynasty. Why kamara has name value he is reaching the back end of his dynasty value why swift and higgins are just getting started.

Higgins is also the 2nd best wide receiver you have and Watkins would just add value to your bench.



It's a pretty fair deal, but the answer depends on two key things:  1 - are you realistically competing for a title this year and 2 - would doing this trade hurt or help your chances?  

In this case I think the answer to #1 is irrelevant because the answer to #2 is, you don't have enough WR depth to lose Higgins.  Terry and Woods is a solid 1-2, but who knows what's up with Aiyuk and SF rigth now, and the rest of your WRs are very iffy.  Kamara > Swift, but the loss of Higgins hurts you overall so I'd pass.  


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