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Superflex Redraft League Safe (1 Viewer)


This came about from interest in the Scott Fish Bowl (SFB). Anyone unfamiliar it is a super-flex contest with 700-800 participants (drafts of 12) combination of fans and experts with crazy scoring and huge starting lineups. One owner, who is in several of my leagues, had the honor of being invited - I think he won a satellite league last year.  In texting him and following the draft I became intrigued. I always wanted to try a super-flex but the QB importance was way over the top. SFB balances it out a little but there were still say 16 or so QBs drafted first 4-5 rounds. So, I created a modified SFB by changing areas mainly scoring.

This year to work out the kinks its only gonna be a very cheap $10 DraftMaster - i.e. sit and watch after the draft. Slow email 3rd round reversal. Next year it will be a 24 team (2 player pool of 12) regular league with waivers and submit lineups, no trades ($50 entry next year).  

Link to SOMETHING DIFFERENT = http://www50.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/27377#0

Email Daniel at NFLMAN69@gmail.com - please include full name, team name, email address.

Thank you !


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