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Superflex Trade Advice: Russell Wilson & Alez Mattieson for Derek Carr & Chris Carson (1 Viewer)


12 team, .5 PPR, Superflex

Starting Lineup: QB R.Wilson RB N.Chubb, RB M.Ingram, WR D.Hopkins, WR C.Godwin, WR M.Williams, TE G.Kittle, SF J.Winston. K J.Meyers, DEF WAS 

Bench: J.Garoppolo, N.Hines, A.Mattison, R.Penny, C.Hyde, S.Shepard, M.Valdes-Scantling, B.Edwards, P.Friermuth )

Lost my RB2 Gus Edwards before the race even started. (I already dumped him for Mark Ingram) Trying to regroup as my RB depth is weak. I feel like I should do this but am reluctant due to the dropoff at QB. Any advice?

Russell Wilson & Alexander Mattison for Derek Carr & Chris Carson

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Without knowing your scoring system I would probably hold for the moment and look for a lesser RB that you could move some if your WR depth for.

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