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Survivor Leagues Week 6 (1 Viewer)


MBSL - Fro easily saves himself, leaving Evilgrin72 holding the bag. Rudnicki didn't, so he's gone as well. Busman is safe next week.

SSL - Duke1948, Ravnzfan, Frank Black, and Bostonfred we knew were done.

The safe ones for next week are Glumpy, BassNBrew, Jmills, and Ministry of Pain.

PDSL - We had people save themselves here, however.

Pictus cat increased his score, but so did everyone right above him. He's out.

Bostonfred, however, got more than those above him, leaving BassNBrew and Gamma1210 in a tie. Gamma1210 has Warner's 23 unused on his bench. Bass didn't have anyone on his entire team score that well. BassNBrew is done.

Norseman is Jeter23's victim as well, as Jeter saved himself.

Awesomeness is the final out.

Up top, Jeff Tefertiller(the only Romo owner guaranteed to survive his first week out), Hear the Footsteps, Dpeease, and the Sig are safe next week.

WSL - Frank Black, Thom Yorke, Wraith5, and NorrisB are low men, with only Pasquino saving himself.

Safe next week are a lot of repeat offenders. Fiddles and Renesauz repeat last weeks immunities. Oldfatguy is back on top after a one week absence. Gamma1210 is the final safe one.

As a note, there has been only 1 Romo owner booted so far. Looks like that up for change, as half are left with no QB.

GL all

MBSL - Fullback Fro and Rudnicki are the low men

If Fro can get Anderson(-8) to do something, he has a chance, as Evilgrin is only 6 up and done. Rudnicki has a chance as well, but he's down over 30.


Duke1948, Ravnzfan, Frank Black, and Bostonfred are all low men by decent margins, and no good players left. They are all out of here.

PDSL - Pictus Cat, Bostonfred, Jeter23, and awesomeness are all closer to the next up than the SSL teams.

Pictus has Stallworth and a 2 pt deficit right now. BF has Burress(-10) and Ward(-5). Jeter has Bradshaw(-1), S Smith, and Boss(-2). Awesomeness has Ballsack, er, Winslow.

There are chances for survival there.

WSL - Frank Black, Thom Yorke, Wraith5, and Pasquino are low men here. FB has Wright(-1). TY is done. Wraith5 as well. Pasquino has Anderson and only a 4 pt gap.

GL all.
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Very intersting in MBSL1 how the ALL the eleminated teams have better scores right now then the bottom SIX surviving teams!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many zeros in my lineup this week.



WOW!! Looks like an immunity coming! :no:

....Better get one for week 9 I think--or I'm outta here. So far so good with the WRs--no matter what LHUCKS thinks!! :eek:

Looking at it now in hindsight--IWBC Looks tough--nailed those first four picks; also EG with those QBs and WRs...

eta--thanks as always Twilight for running these!!

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Twilight said:
WSL - Frank Black, Thom Yorke, Wraith5, and Pasquino are low men here. FB has Wright(-1). TY is done. Wraith5 as well.
So apparently it's "bad" when one guy scores 1/2 your weekly points? Good to know for next year. Actually it's a miracle that I'm even still alive (for now) in the SSLs.

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