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T.Cohen, D.Williams + S.MIchel pick 2 out these 3 (will answer yours) (1 Viewer)

Williams is average as a runner, however his receiving skills are really good. In Miami with the limited starts he had before injury he was averaging 5 receptions a game. He has fresh legs in an explosive offense in what could be a high scoring affair. Darrel Williams is no threat to him nor is West. Per football outsiders last week Darrel was in on 2 plays to Damiens 43 in which he scored 2 td's.

I don't see how you leave Cohen on the bench. Especially with 1/2 ppr. I don't know if you're an underdog or not but I would definitely lean Cohen number one and then assuming Ware is out, Williams number two. We all know it's an absolute mine field picking a Patriots RB and the game script will likely not favor Michel. In a TD heavy league you can't even depend on him for the one yarders (although watch him get two this week LOL...)



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