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Tamba Hali is a bust? (1 Viewer)


Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali has played poorly for the team this year, and has declined to the point where the organization is fearful that he will be a bust, according to Pro Football Weekly.

should move him back to the left. Doesnt have the skill set for the right side.
There are plenty of guys who don't fit the "edge rusher" mold who do well on the right side. I think Hali's problem is that he's just not a dynamic pass rusher. To do consistently do well as a pass rusher in the NFL without elite off-the-ball explosiveness and closing speed, you need instincts, leverage, hands, an array of pass rush moves and a high motor. If you're missing just one of those, you're hurting unless you're surrounded by talent or get an inordinate number of pass rushing chances. Hali's teammates aren't a huge help, he does not have a great array of pass rush moves and the Chiefs have faced the fewest pass attempts in the league (seven fewer pass attempts per game than the league average). It's not a good combination.Here's a guy that's averaged 45 solos and nearly eight sacks per season and has played through a couple of fairly significant nagging injuries. He may not fit the profile of an elite first round pass rusher and he may never be a game changing player, but to call him a bust is silly.That's not to say he should be given a pass for what his 2008 production (he shouldn't) or that he shouldn't be moved back to the strong side (he probably should). Just pointing out that Hali is far, far, far from a bust.Oh, and I think this discussion probably belongs in the main Forum. :mellow:
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Utter failure as a RDE, but was a solid LDE; a capable starter, at least. KC needs to stop fooling around and move him back to the left side, whilst looking elsewhere for the "Jared Allen replacement."

I just cut Hali on my dynasty team this week. 7 weeks and 0 points total from him. He has never been in the top 20 DL players in past years either, I don't think anyone is going to be picking him up off waiver wire either.


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