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Tampa WR's - Joey Galloway & Ike Hilliard - ACTIVE (1 Viewer)

FoxSports.com's John Czarnecki believes Joey Galloway (foot) "is ready to go" Sunday against his former team, the Cowboys.

We've heard this before. It's a good matchup for Galloway and the Bucs, but we'd rather keep him on the bench one week before using him. His snaps could be limited.

Source: FoxSports.com

SportsNation ESPN Fantasy: The Tampa Tribune reports that Joey Galloway (foot) is active for the Buccaneers. It has been previously reported that he won't start in Week 8, playing behind Antonio Bryant, so he's not a recommended fantasy option for now. Still, he might cut a little into Bryant's number of targets, keeping Bryant more of a No. 3 receiver. (11:50 a.m. ET)


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