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Tarvaris Jackson in jeoprady of losing his job? (1 Viewer)


Vikings coach Brad Childress slightly backed off his commitment to Tarvaris Jackson in his Monday press conference.Watching the tape of Sunday's loss likely altered Childress' frame of mind. "I’m always looking at what’s giving us the best opportunity to win," he said. "If it’s Tarvaris, it’s Tarvaris. If it’s Gus Frerotte, Gus Frerotte. J.D. Booty, J.D. Booty." Jackson is likely to start Week 3, but gets a difficult matchup against Carolina and another bad game could cost him his starting job. Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press
If Frerotte starts, does Berrian's and Rice's value get a bump, and if so, how much?? Which WR would have the most FF value??
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