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Tashard Choice a sleeper now? (1 Viewer)


Could Tashard Choice be a sleeper now that Felix Jones is out 2-3 weeks?? Can Choice take over Jones' carries??


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maybe not a bad idea in larger re-drafts (where he's probably on the wire), but doubtful he's startable w/ FJ out. guessing 5 - 10 for about 30-40 yds spelling MBIII.

eta - as a 'cuff in larger leagues.

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He is a good handcuff for Barber but don't expect much if Barber stays healthy. If Felix couldn't get many touches as a perfect complement then I don't see Choice getting much.

He looked great in pre season and I would expect him to maybe get a series to give Barber a rest. Overall, I would not expect a high return from him.

Dallas will probably try to run the ball ALOT in the next few weeks. Barber will get more carries than usual, and Choice will probably get about the same that Jones got. Therefore, Choice probably insnt going to produce satisfactory numbers unless something were to happen to Barber.

Sleeper? No. Adequate handcuff? Yes. He might do something this week against STL if Dallas is winning big but that's about all I'd expect out of him as long as MB3 is upright. Guy's not even rostered in my shallow dyno...


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