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Tashard Choice (1 Viewer)


every year there always seems to be one guy who comes out of no where and helps many teams reach the FF superbowl. this year we have the likes of antonio bryant and pierre thomas; but i imagine for some, their "savior" has been tashard choice the past 2 weeks. it's not likely he'll do much vs. the BAL def, but that's what many said vs. PITT and NYG. MB3 may be healthy (or at least healthier), but he can always pull up lame after a couple of bruising carries or a big run by Tashard :rolleyes:

Balt is @ Dal and given balt's offense and dallas' defense i suspect the cowboys will win the battle of field position. so, will tashard continue to surprise or do you see it more like a coin toss between him and MB3 (figuratively and literally with the carries going 50:50)?

I have both in a yardage league and have no confidence starting Barber over Choice, even against the Ravens. Sucks because I have Gore, Jacobs, Bradshaw too. Pretty much stuck.

Barber didn't look that good Sunday night and they're playing Baltimore on Saturday. I'd say Choice will get the majority because he obviously seems to be the healthiest. I wouldn't trust Barber in a league title game if I had to choose between the two. My choice is Choice :wall: ,lol, no pun intended.


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