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TDs/Points 'Lost to the Ether' Week 16 (1 Viewer)


SaMorris: Lamont "this year's Ron Dayne" Jordan vultures 2 TDs. Sammy must have pissed off Santa.

MJD: 2 TDs left on the field when Gerrard and Montel Ownens each vulture one.

PThomas: Ok, the Meacham end-around is fine, but the charity donation to the Duece TD fund (thanks for the memories, now hit the road) and the TD for Mike Freaking Bell, who was on the Texans last time I checked, was downright zany. 2 TDs donated.

Calvin Johnson: All he does is score TDs...except when your rookie tackle gets called for some stupid illegal formation penalty. 1 TD lost.

Dom Rhodes: Following Dom's dive into the end zone, Opie Manning thinks he's clever running up to the line and trying to run a quick QB sneak. Well, he's quick enough to disallow a review of the dive...which was 'in.' Thanks Seyton. 1 TD lost.

Jon Stewart: Goes out of the game AGAIN with some mystery ailment (head? toe?), missing two goalline carries and handing them off to DWill, allowing him to crush teams everywhere. Last time this happened, DWill ALSO got an Abe Lincoln. Maybe JStew can phone us next time he plans to do that so we can plan accordingly.

Jay Cutler: Hard to complain about the 359 yards and 2 rushing TDs, but Stokely drops a ball that would have been a game winning TD pass and sent the game into overtime.


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