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TE Help: Band-Aid for OJ Howard, Non-PPR (1 Viewer)


I'm sure there are many others like me suffering from the ineptitude of OJ Howard these first 4 weeks, while we see Waiver Wire Wonders lighting it up. I'm ready to cut bait on the guy, quite frankly, but I'm willing to make room for a 2nd TE in hopes I can get a hit this week, especially with Davante Adams likely going to miss Week 5. I need slack picked up at Flex and TE, where I've had 2 holes week after week. Here are the TE's on my WW for this week, who'd you grab for Week 5, and possibly beyond?

Jimmy Graham vs Dallas (FWIW I may place a bid on Geronimo Allison)

Dawson Knox vs. Titans

Tyler Eifert (vs Arizona in a juicy matchup)

Ricky Seals Jones vs San Fran

Chris Herndon (meaning I stick it out with OJH another week; this is for week 6 and beyond)

If it were a long term thing I'd consider Knox but as far as this week, Knox just isn't there yet.  

The only guy on that list I would even consider starting is Graham.  

I'm in your boat and I'm sticking with OJ for one more week.  I picked up Herndon last week.  I'm really tempted to drop OJ for Knox though.  Graham has had two decent weeks and two goose eggs.  He's also on my wire along with the others you mentioned.  Fant is also intriguing. 

Same boat except I don’t even have Graham or Herndon available to me... I made room to start Eifert this week and I’ll drop Howard next week if he fails again this week. If I were you I’d start Graham and pick up Knox, Fant,  or maybe Watson in case the Pats get him involved. With the Bills on bye next week I’d bet Knox will still be available next week. I also don’t trust Allison especially since Adams might not be out that long.

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Graham was picked up at a high auction price, I wound up getting Herndon in the WW run for a bit less. Eifert and Knox are still out there heading into the weekend. At 3-1, and after the great night by Russ Wilson and Cooper Kupp last night, I might be able to do a hold on OJ in my lineup one more week, and see if I get that hit finally. I've eclipsed 90-124 points the last 3 weeks despite holes in my lineup at TE, Flex and DST. 


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