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TE Ja'Tavion Sanders, CAR (1 Viewer)

Reminds me of a young George Kittle
Huge UT fan here. I don't see the Kittle comp much, but I think Sanders will be a pretty solid NFL/fantasy TE.
Kittle is a better blocker probably
Definitely. Maybe Sanders can hone that skill but right now that's one of his deficiencies. Also, Sanders has way more raw athletic talent. Kittle is certainly athletic, don't get me wrong, but Sanders is a freak. Not Pitts-like freakish but up there. I'd perhaps comp him to David Njoku? Both 6'4", 245ish. Similar 40 times.
Really like Sanders as a target in round 2. He obviously doesn't have Bowers upside, but he'd have been the TE1 in some recent (2022, 2020) drafts.
Eric Galko
It’ll be very much of a pick-your-flavor for teams in the tight end market on Day 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft.

For teams looking for a high-end seam threat after Brock Bowers, there’s a good chance #Texas JT Sanders is the best option. Two key stats highlight best what he can do in the NFL

1. @Jatavionsanders tied for 1st among all 2024 draft eligible TEs on catches of 15+ yards (tied with Dallin Holker of CSU).

His smoothness in the seam and balance as a positioning route runner is what he has over almost any other TE in the class.

2. He was one of just 3 FBS TEs in the 2024 draft class with over 50% of his contested catches caught (min. 5 targets, per @PFF_College). When he is in traffic, Sanders shows the toughness to extend, finish, and create big plays after the catch.

Teams differ on how he’ll be used early in the NFL and where he stands to still develop, but his talent and pass catching skill set compared to the rest of the 2024 draft class tight ends is hard to match.

I think he's flying under the radar a bit. He was extremely effective in college, and that was with Adonai Mitchell, Xavier Worthy, and Jonathan Brooks taking touches. On a less loaded offense, I think he would have been a clear top target.

Still, back-to-back 600+ yard seasons from a college TE is very impressive. Only Sanders, Bowers, LaPorta, Mayer, Likely, Cole Turner (outlier) and Pitts have done it in the last 5 years. Only Bowers had anywhere near the target competition Sanders had. Bowers of course did it all 3 years at Georgia.

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