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TE McMichael gone for 6 weeks or longer (1 Viewer)

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If the Rams can get anything going is Klopfenstein worth a look in deep leagues?

Injury report: McMichael could end up on IR Tight end Randy McMichael has a broken shin bone that'll sideline him for a minimum of eight weeks, causing coach Jim Haslett to consider placing him on injured reserve. "It'll be a minimum of eight weeks, hopefully not longer," Haslett said. "Normally, that's six-week injury, but he has a couple of other things. We want to make sure we don't put him on the field too early. It could be something that we can wait on, or we could put him on IR. I want to talk to Randy first to see how he feels." Joe Klopfenstein, who started 16 games as a rookie in 2006, was working in McMichael's spot with the starting offense. "He starts 16 games his rookie year, and then he kind of falls off the face of the earth," Haslett said. "I told Joe that he needs to get back out there and start playing like the guy we drafted in the second round, and be productive and block and run the right routes. I’m expecting Joe to step up to the plate here."

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