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TE start help - Reed vs Ebron (1 Viewer)

Ray Barboni

Title says it all ... non PPR. 

Think I’ve gotta go with Ebron, although Reed has the better matchup (on paper)

ebron seems to be the defacto #1 target in that offense right now with Hilton out.


AGREE WITH EBRON, plus washington is kind of a mess right now.  Luck will be throwing the ball 30-40 times. IMO

Have the exact same combo, Ebron is too hard to sit right now. Redskins seem to have no idea what they are doing on offense, Reed is on the sidelines half the game. Reed should be better, and is a better player for sure, but its not translating right now.

Ebron should be the choice provided he is in the lineup.  He has missed two days of practice so the choice may be made for you if Ebron is inactive. 


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