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Team available in Dynasty League with College Players; Nabers & Gibbs (1 Viewer)



We have one team available in our $100 dynasty league. This team is being discounted to $90 for 2024. All funds are held in LeagueSafe. What is unique about the league is that we have college players that are drafted during our annual 3 round college draft. These players can be kept for a draft pick equal to the round they were drafted in the college draft to be rostered on your NFL roster. College players don't earn points during the season.

Howell, Sam SEA QB 322.20 10
Stafford, Matthew LAR QB 294.55 6
Ford, Jerome CLE RB 213.40 10
Gibbs, Jahmyr DET RB 244.70 5
Gibson, Antonio NEP RB 131.40 14
Mitchell, Keaton BAL RB (Q) 70.30 14
Williams, Javonte DEN RB 182.40 14
Beckham, Odell MIA WR 109.50 6
Brown, Marquise KCC WR 135.30 6
Doubs, Romeo GBP WR 174.40 10
Metchie, John HOU WR 32.20 14
Moore, Rondale ATL WR 105.40 12
Moore, Skyy KCC WR 53.70 6
Palmer, Trey TBB WR 97.70 11
Reed, Jayden GBP WR 217.40 10
Shakir, Khalil BUF WR 113.10 12
Okonkwo, Chigoziem TEN TE 113.40 5
Aubrey, Brandon DAL PK 190.90 7
Dolphins, Miami MIA Def 139.00 6
Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def 144.00 14

College Players (Can be rostered by giving up the draft pick noted next to the player for both college and NFL players)

Malik Nabers (1st)
Travis Hunter (2nd)
Troy Franklin (2nd)
Jacorey Brooks (2nd)
Jaydon Blue (3rd)
Jalen McMillan (3rd)

Draft Picks

College Picks

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