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Team needs an Owner that can win them a championship! (1 Viewer)


Dynasty League going into its 6th year. Good group of guys always interested in improving the league.

Take over the team: The Diesel

Key Players on the Team include: Ladanian Tomlinson, Eli Manning, Drew Brees

League Rules link:


45 Player Rosters / 23 Starters / IDPs / Salaries

$25 - 30 to join (need to check with commish) with payouts for 1st - 4th place as well as Regular Season winner

Number of Franchises: 12

Number of Roster Spots: 45

Number of Injured Reserve Spots: 5

Number of Taxi Squad Spots: 7

Head-To-Head Matchups: Doubleheaders

Track Player Salaries and/or Contracts: Yes

Total Starters: 23

Number of Starting QBs: 2

Number of Starting RBs: 2

Number of Starting WRs: 4

Number of Starting TEs: 2

Number of Starting PKs: 2

Number of Starting DT+DEs: 4

Number of Starting LBs: 3

Number of Starting CB+Ss: 4

Email me at the following with interest or any questions:



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