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Team Take-Over (1 Viewer)


Have a deadbeat owner who didn't pay his $50 entry fee. 12 Team PPR league.

Team is 1-1, Ranked 7th overall and on the upswing.

Need somebody to PROMPTLY pay the $50 entry fee to take over a very good team. PM me or reply if interested!

QB- Flacco

QB- Cutler

WR- Roddy White

WR- Victor Cruz

WR- Sidney Rice

WR- Robert Meachem

RB- Darren McFadden

RB- Reggie Bush

RB- Adrian Peterson

RB- Michael Bush

RB- Mike Goodson

TE- Jermain Gresham

TE- Jacob Tamme

K- Alex Henery




i dont mind either team too much, but i have a ton of teams already PM me if you find no one in the next few hours and would like to talk about a compromise for both teams. Actually if interested juts email me @ chadmills81@gmail.com


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