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TeamStake, alternative to Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


Has anyone used TeamStake https://teamstake.com/ as a finance management alternative to Leaguesafe?

I just want to hear of people's experiences as since the takeover by Fanball, I am slowly losing faith in Leaguesafe as a long term solution, esp if your league has international players.



I would like to hear from others that have tried it too. Leaguesafe has been headed in the wrong direction, we need a better alternative. 



Our redraft league switched from LeagueSafe to TeamStake this year. 

Pros to TeamStake: There's an option to pay no fee if you don't use a card (whereas LeagueSafe makes you pick between eCheck only or eCheck/Credit Card...TeamStake you don't have to pick)

Cons to TeamStake: You can't do partial payments (we've considered duplicate leagues for this purpose), you can't track what invites you've sent out (only who responds to them)



Hey MathNija,

Can you elaborate on the inability to do partial payments?  

Also, can the commissioner manage the league members like in leaguesafe?  Like, add or delete members?  Or is the only way to get league members in for them to literally accept an invite?

Can you elect to leave a portion of or all of your winnings in your account, to use to pay the following year's entry fee?

We are done with LeagueSafe.  Since Fanball took over, their system has gotten excessively glitchy, they are re-verifying accounts that have been used for a decade  - and literally rejecting them....all are legitimate accounts too, and they just can't seem to get it right.  They are service charging you to death as well.....$5 to get your money BACK?  They already earned interest on the money all season long.  And you have to pay either $4 or $5 to get your money back???  That's BS.  ACH systems are not expensive. It's become a racket IMO.  And their customer support has gone from mediocre at best to downright awful and unhelpful.  It was even refusing credit card payments on an account that I knew for certain was current and had $20k+ left in credit limit remaining!!!  Done with LeagueSafe.  My guys refuse to use it any more.  Hoping TeamStake is better...



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