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Teenagers, a rotary phone, and hilarity ensues... (1 Viewer)

My daughter found one of those in my Mom's attic. She posted it on IG and said "Finally got a new phone!". Got tons of likes.  :thumbup:

I remember the first time I had to use a cell phone.  I couldn't figure out that you had to type in the phone number before hitting call instead of vice versa.

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Took you 4 minutes to figure out?  ;)
I was meeting a friend tailgating in a parking lot by Solider Field but couldn't find him.  At this point in the '90s (I don't remember what year) most young people had cell phones but I still didn't.  I had to borrow a stranger's phone to call my friend.  I was baffled for what seemed like an extraordinary long time before saying something like, "I don't think your phone is working.  Could you try this number for me?"  

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Up until last year I had a working rotary phone in my basement. One of my son’s friends would run down there just to call his mom and tell her he  had to actually dial her number.

That sucker was SOLID. Used to joke it was the most effective home defense item  we owned.

Call quality sucked thogugh  because it was the old style wiring and I couldn’t put a DSL filter on it before we went to fiber for our internet.


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