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Tell me about replacement rain gutters (1 Viewer)

What do I need to know?  What are the best materials, manufacturers?  Are seamless the way to go?  How much should I be paying per linear foot?  Are the number of downspouts part of the calculation in estimating the job?  How long should it take?  Should there be prep behind the job, such as pre-painting of boards which will be covered by them?  
Do we have any contractors here who would care to bid for a residential job in Arapahoe County Colorado?

We had a hard time finding someone to do just the gutters and not as part of a whole roof package. We eventually got all the gable fascia, aluminum gutters w/covers, and miscellaneous touch ups around some of the roof vents for about $2,000. I want to say under 150 total linear feet of gutters and under 100 feet of fascia. Didn't do any prep work. I'm spitballing the numbers as I can't find our actual quote.

We only had two guys working at a time for a few hours each day and took three days to be done. We weren't in any hurry, but this could easily have been done in a day with a few more guys and a full work day.

I do know that we were bracing for something much higher after we had a couple of companies say 'not without a roof' on us, so we took the first offer we got. Worth every penny to have properly plumbed gutters finally.

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Typically there are two sizes, 5" & 6". 

It may not seem like it but the 6" is significantly larger and worth it. Rarely get clogged and can handle even the worst downpours. 

Make sure the gutter connections are male at the top, going into female as you go down. :oldunsure:  This is so the rain doesn't leak at the connections. 

Seamless is the way to go. Often they will bring a truck to your house and make them for you (or your contractor) there. 

The hidden hangers used to secure the gutter should be every 2 feet. 

Depending on your roof height and pitch two people could hang all the gutters in a day. Depending on how many and how high, downspouts a second day. 


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