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And please dont play the "jax played Houston and Tenn 2x this year." It wont work.New EnglandSOS(wins) = 64-96 (.400 winning %)SOS (losses)= 66-30 (.6875 winning %)JacksonvilleSOS(wins) = 72- 120 (.375 winning %)SOS(losses)= 47-17 (.734 winning %)Yes, the Jags beat up on inferior opponents, but look whos in the same company. May be a shock to some that their beloved Pats didnt take the high road into the playoffs but the numbers show it- whatever Jax did to deserve a playoff spot, the Pats did just the same. Just to clarify those numbers (where SOS of Wins is the only stat worth note, New England would have played opponents- in the span of a season, who would have won 6.4 games in the season while jacksonville would have played opponents who would average 6 wins a season. Not much of a difference in a 16 game season, eh?You could argue that the pats were hurt- and sure I'll buy it- but werent the Jags too? Yes the Pats lost their LT (I think) in Matt Light their CB's and an SS in Rodney Harrison but the Jags lost a few of their own. Starting C Brad Meester and SS Donovan Darius- arguably as important to his teams' secondary as harrison is to the pats- are both done for the year. Couple that with the fact that Kenny Wright has gotten torched by 6 QB's thus far and its clear that we have almost a wash where injuries are concerned. Is it your secondary? Nope- Jacksonville is allowing 50 less yards/game through the air and opposing QB's TD/INT is 22/19, a far cry from NE's dismal 25/10. Is it your front 7? Sure, theyve been strong all year but for the season, on almost exactly the same rushes against, new england is giving up just 8 yards less per game than Jacksonville and allows just a .3 yard difference in YPC. Interstingly enough, Jacksonville has allowed 1/2 of the TD's that New England has allowed and has sacked the opposing QB 14 more times than the Pats, good for 3rd best in the league. You could make the arguement that Seymour was out for quite some time and that I will buy. But the pats, even with him, still didnt get enough pressure on the QB- before going nuts against TB, they had just garnered 9 sacks in their previous 8 games.Is it your offense, thats debatable but surely the position of note is QB. Arguably Brady is a great QB but Leftwich isnt bad himself- the injury, however, may play a huge role in the outcome. WR's are a wash IMHO, and the RB's on both teams are as unpredictable as they come. You could claim New England is/was on a tear comming into the playoff hunt- but if you consider the Jets (2x) and Buffalo as legitimate threats, then surely you could say the same about the Jags victories over San Fran, Tennessee, and Houston.So what is it about the Pats? Is it the chilliness at Foxborough. Perhaps, and most likely that when concering a florida team. But you're just 5-3 there this year. The Jags are 6-2 on the road. So all i can see comming into the game is the New England cold and playoff experience. Is that enough to make them 7 point favorites? I think not :thumbdown:

Let me give you a few reasons....Home Field Advantage12 Degrees Wind ChillPlayoff ExperienceSuperior Coachingthe Jags starting a QB who hasnt played in 2 months with ZERO MOBILITY...and finally...Tom Brady...the most clutch of all players.Besides these and other factors favoring New England, this game is really looking pretty even on paper. Dont let the smooth taste foolya.

If Miami and New England swapped seasons and Jacksonville faced Miami tonight at 8:00 Jax would be a favorite. But you just can't ignore what NE has done the past 5 seasons. Brady and Belly have been post season monsters and very few Jags have played in the post season at all. The reason the Pats are big favorites has nothing to do with what they've done this season and everything to do with what they've done the 4 seaons prior to this season. Is that a valid a reason to make them 8 point favorites when the Jags have been in every game this season and only been beaten by more than 8 once? We'll see in about 6 hours.

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