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Tell me why paid league sites take so much money? (1 Viewer)


At the low level buy ins (10-50 dollars), it seems the site only pays out 70-80% of the buy in amounts. Like a 10 team 25 dolalr entry fee will pay 135 for first and 40 for second so 75 out of 250 is needed to run the site, really? (that is 30%) does it really cost that much to administer the league. It must not if espn, cbs, nfl.com and other sites can administer thousands of leagues for free. When you get to higher buy ins 1-5K the they pay out a more reasonable 85-90% of buy in amounts, but still why hasn't somebody started a site that only takes 5% no matter the level and undercut everybodey else.

Most leagues cost so much because the commisioners make money off them. There are people all they do is create fantasy sports leagues all year long and make a decent income off them. Some leagues even charge for moves and trades which again go right into the commisioners pocket.

If your interested in a low cost league I have 5 spots left in a league. The cost is $25. There will be ten teams. The payouts are:

First Place: $75 and a trophy

Second Place: $50 and a plaque

Third place: $25 and a certificate.

With the making of the prizes and sending everything I actually lose money. I am doing it because I love fantasy football.

We will be having a live online draft.

If your interested you can email me at mydiversguide@yahoo.com

No ad it up. After the cash payouts there is $100 left. The first trophy cost about $50, the plaque cost about $25 the certificate (professionally done not made on my home computer) cost about $10. Then I have to box them up and send them to the winners. I lose money. lol


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