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Tennessee at Houston (1 Viewer)

That was quick. 4 consecutive run plays to start. Foster 10 yards, Foster for 4 or 5. Sweep toss to Tate with great blocking and he stiff arms the lone defender springing for a 60 yard run. Foster with 5 yards to the 2nd and inches line at the goal. Play fake to Foster and easy dump to Garret Graham for the TD.

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They should have kept with Battle. As long as he thinks he's Alstott, let him keep rolling in the red zone. CJ just runs real fast into a wall.

Nice drive by Tenn, Watt had a sack on 3rd down early on but he got flagged for hands to the face. In the redzone CJ swallowed on 1st down, Watt with batted pass then Kendall Wright with a great 3rd down catch falling to the ground in the endzone with McCain draped all over him. Flag for group celebration on Tenn.

Texans get nice field position with the penalty on the kick and a nice return to the Hou 41.

Tate in on the 2nd series to start. Maybe 2 yards running right. Then catches a dump off for 3 or so on 2nd down. Hopkins with a catch and run for 14 on 3rd down.

2nd and 4, blown play, Schaub went one way and Foster went another, Schaub has to throw it away. Draw play to Foster.Bullock misses a 50 yard FG attempt, wide right.

Hou 3 and out, great punt by Shane, pins Tenn back. Andre was back in on 3rd down, caught underneath well short of 1st.

1st from the Tenn 7, CJ dropped for 2 yard loss by Watt. Cushing stops Battle for a 1 yard gain on 2nd. 3rd down, deep strike to Britt but overthrows him. Martin no room to run on return for 4 yards. Hou gets the ball around the 50.

I liked that pass to Britt. It was real high and took a long time to come down, he's gotta get there and get under it if Locker's going to throw it that style. Sure a pretty long rainbow is better, but that should work too. Britt got upright near the end and needs to reach out leaning forward instead.

Since the opening drive, the Texans don't look too good except for Andre. Penalties and an almost surprise timeout, they seem out of sync.

Texans missed another FG. The D gave them awesome field position and they just totally gave it to the Titans.

Locker hits HOu LB Sharpton in the numbers and Sharpton drops it. Locker flushed from the pocket on 3rd and 8 an scrambles for 9. :doh:

Nice run by Locker for first.

Has anyone else noticed that since this guy has been Titans OC, they have a pointless motion with the TE where he goes two steps and comes right back?

Since the opening drive, the Texans don't look too good except for Andre. Penalties and an almost surprise timeout, they seem out of sync.
Both offenses came out hot and have done nothing since.
Yeah, CJ has had a couple nice runs, that run by Locker, otherwise absolutely nothing.

Wright looked very good on that opening drive and I can't think of a pass thrown to him since.

Foster & Tate rotating this series. Deep strike to Hopkins on 3rd down. Looked like PI (not sure if on Hopkins or defender) but the flag picked up, called uncatchable. Lechler punt almost downed at the one but Texans couldn't get there, touchback.

Yowsa. What could have been.

Britt with a holding call on a 3rd down conversion. 3rd and 13th, Locker dinks the ball off his fingers on the snap. Oh so close to Texans ball in the redzone recovered by Watt but Locker gets it back. Very close to a Def TD.

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if bullock cant start hitting these long fgs time to drop him for someone more reliable.

this is brutal.


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