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Tennessee at Houston (1 Viewer)

Oh he fell out of bounds....Pollard with an INT, poor footing racing down the sideline around one Texan chasing him down. Should have been pick 6

Lcoker sacked next play. CJ dropped for 1, TO Tenn. Cushing on both those plays although the sack had multiple defenders in there.

10-7 going into the half, need to get Jake settled down early in the third quarter and use our running game to grind this tough divisional game out.

Tenn goes 3 and out. Good punt, Hou takes over around their 30.

Watt very close to a sack on Locker on 3rd down. Forced Locker to just got rid of it to Nate Washington for a short gain.

Foster no room to run, Tenn Def with a lot of penetration on 1st down and get him for 3 yard loss. Foster gets 6 on a dump off. Schaub gets rid of it after a jailbreak and Foster lit up. 3 and out. Tenn Def looked great on that series.

Hou gets another punt downed inside the Tenn 10.

Tenn 3 and out. There were 2 run plays up the gut for nothing and a 3rd and long that Locker had to get rid of it due to pressure.

Hou comes out firing with the pass next series and finally gets something working. Boot to Andre, quick strike over the middle to Hopkins. Roughing the passer penalty puts them in the redzone. Schaub takes a hard hit in the redzone. Screen to Tate doesn't do much. 3rd & 6 fade to the corner to Daniels, great pass and catch, TD Houston!

CJ had 77 yards rushing in the first, five this half and they open this series with Locker dropping back into Watts territory

Locker flushed from the pocket by Mercilous on 3rd and long. Locker with almost another pick gettings rid of it. 3 and out Tenn.

Tate with a hold on 1st down trying to pass protect. Hou can't get out of the hole they start in, 3 and out.

Nice booming punt for Tenn plus a holding penatly. Hou starting off backed up this time from their 10.

Very nice 9 yard run by Foster on 1st down. Foster gets the call and converts the 1st down for maybe 2 yards.

Schaub gets rid of it on 2nd down. 3rd and 9 to Martin who is short by 3. Punt. Another good one, Texans almost had the returner down inside the 10 but he gets back to the 11 or so.

Nice screen call to CJ for a 1st when the Texans brought the blitz, but it is wiped out by flag for a personal foul on a lineman. End of the 3rd.

Deep strike to Britt negated by Delay of Game. 3rd penatly on this series alone. 2nd & 21 on the Tenn 1.

CJ swallowed on the 1 inch line maybe. Hou challenging if it is a Safety or not.

Doesn't look like it to me, but very close.

Stewart's replacement has been getting owned by the Texans for a while now and the Titans continue to go there

Call reversed! Safety!

Make up call for the calls overturned on the Texans last game?

Edit: Explanation appears to be the entire ball had to be across the plane to be considered out of the endzone.

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Hopkins gets a target but broken up nicely by the defender. Underneath to Andre. 4th & 6, Hou takes delay of game to back it up to give Lechler room, Tenn declines.

Weird play. Hou player touches the punted ball at the 1 keeping it inbound and it hits a Tenn player & Hou recovers. Ruled illegal touching at the 1 where Tenn gets the option of keeping the ball where touched. Under review.

Titans steal Texans play and throw a similar TD pass to the TE they have barely used all day

Tenn puts together a great drive. Got a lot of help from Hou #2 CB who blew the deep coverage on the 31 yarder to Nate, drew a defenseless receiver penalty on one hit and fails to make the tackle on the TD.

Foster no chance, swamred by 4 Tenn defenders for a loss of 4 right as he got the ball. Schaub sacked again, no flag this time.


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