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Tennessee vs. Indianapolis - Week 17 - Playoffs?! Yes, Playoffs. (1 Viewer)

Maybe, just maybe, the Titans sign a veteran wide receiver this year.

Doesn't need to be a big name. I'd love Fitz if he doesn't retire, but I'd even take Kelvin Benjamin or Tyrell Williams. 

In other words, why the hell did they dump Rishard? 😢

Coaching staff needs to get in Luck's ear and tell him to be smarter with the football.  Tennessee offense is doing nothing; the only way you can lose is by committing stupid turnovers. 

OMG watching all these Titan 3 and 4 man rushes as Luck picks them apart makes me so glad Dean Pees isn’t in Baltimore any more. With the season on the line today, Ravens blitzed 4 straight plays and won. Titans sit back and get picked apart. Pees is old and timid 


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