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Tennessee WR's - Justin Gage & McCareins - OUT (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Post any updates here

Please note that this is not a who do I start thread regarding this player.

Any posts not relating to the latest injury news will be deleted

Please go to the assistant coach forum if you have a lineup decision to make or bump a more recent thread with discussion other than news about this(these) players status for today.

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Jim Wyatt, of the Tennessean, reports Tennessee Titans WR Justin Gage (knee) did not participate in practice Friday, Oct. 17. He is listed as questionable for the team's Week 7 game and will be a game-time decision.
Titans | Week 7 Inactives

Sun, 19 Oct 2008 08:48:08 -0700

The Tennessee Titans have declared QB Chris Simms, RB Chris J. Henry, WR Justin McCareins, WR Justin Gage, OT Mike Otto, CB Reynaldo Hill, DL Tony Brown, DL William Hayes inactive for Week 7.

Thanks for the news

It'll be interesting to see the young Wide Receivers for the Titans.

Titans inactives: WR Justin Gage, WR Justin McCareins, CB Reynaldo Hill, RB Chris Henry, T Mike Otto, DE William Hayes, DT Tony Brown.Analysis: WRs Brandon Jones and Lavelle Hawkins will start in the absence of Gage and McCareins, who are both inactive. DE Kyle Vanden Bosch is active and looks like a safe play for IDP leaguers.
per nfl.com
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