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Texan fan here: I can now admit that maybe.... (1 Viewer)


I though they could trade down a few spots and really clean up, apparently they were sold on the idea NO would take Mario so they just took the guy they wanted instead of missing out on him and getting alot of picks.

I guess we trying to build a winner instead of put an exciting team out there.

Texans have made alot of move this offseason

1) Kubiak (head coach)

2) Mario DE

3) D.Ryans LB

4) A.Weaver DE

5) M.Sherman (assistent HC and a former OL coach)

6) J.Flanigan OL

7) E.Winston OT

8) J.Putzier TE

9) C. Spencer OL

10) J.Cook FB

11) S.Cowart LB

12) Sage Rosenfels - QB

13) Kevin Walter - WR

14) ND Kalu-DL

Plus we have the 4.01 which could land safties BING or KO Simpson or more Oline help in J.Scott/MJ Giles/

Although im a BUSH supporter.....sometimes these kinda unaspiring moves are better for the franchise.....

See the Jets....i love what they did as well.


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