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Texans deal for Buchanon (1 Viewer)


I see the Raiders sent Philip Buchanon to Houston. I'm new to IDP and was curious to what kind of effect this will may have on Robinson. I know Houston still has an aging Aaron Glenn. Our league requires 2 corners and Robinson was the top scorer by a nice margin.

No effect on Robinson.I see a few outcomes with the Buchanan signing...1.) Glenn is the new nickle-CB2.) Glenn is moved to FS and Coleman competes with Earl for the starting SS position3.) Glenn shows there's still gas in the tank and Buchanan is the nickle-CB / return-manEither way, Robinson is the #1 CB on the Texans.

Its good cause more passes will be going his way now... :yes:
Thats only if oyu believe Buchanon is as good as he thinks he is....Playing on the other side of franchise Woodson, he has never gotten more than 50 combined tackles or 10 PBU (Ints + PD). Not the numbers of a stud CB IMO. Granted, he gets a big play now and again but he is overhyped IMO.

That being said, he is probably better than a declining Aaron Glenn, but I don't think he is significantly better than any of 8 CBs in this year's draft.

Houston got robbed.

I thought it shouldn't have much of an effect on his value, but one thing I have picked up about IDP's is that the situation surrounding the player is very important. Thanks for the help, fellas.

Houston got robbed.
:yes: what a horrible trade. im not sure whose trade was worse, the skins trade or the texans trade.
IMO, it is a classic boom or bust risky trade. While I did not see a ton of games with the Raiders, my sense is that Buchannon was inconsistent more than terrible as some have suggested. However, for the trade to be worth it, buchannon will need to play closer to 2003 than whatever he did on 2004. BTW, a don't see all of those movements by the Texans in the secondary. The team played with at least 3 CBs in something like 45% of its snaps last year. Glenn will eventually go salary cap, coleman stays at FS and Gleen Earl is the SS.

Indy twice a year can make you reach for something like this. This could work out very well for the Texans. But losing Sharper will hurt more than this will help.

Texans | Glenn Permitted to Seek Trade; Release Could Happen - from www.KFFL.comMon, 25 Apr 2005 17:48:17 -0700ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reports the Houston Texans have granted CB Aaron Glenn permission to seek a trade with a limited number of other teams. If a trade is not able to be worked out, Glenn is likely to be released as early as Tuesday, April 26.The following quote is courtesy houstonprofootball.com. There is no use posting a link since they change their top story every couple of days.

Glenn, 32, became the second-highest paid player on the roster following the release of linebacker Jamie Sharper. Glenn is scheduled to make base salaries of $4 million in 2005, $4.25 million in 2006, and $5.5 million in 2007. Should the Texans fail to find a trading partner and release Glenn from his contract, they will assume his remaining $3.5 million in unamortized bonus money as dead space on the 2005 salary cap. That figure would lessen to just $1.16 million this year (and $2.33 million in 2006) if Glenn were released on or after June 1. Given the team's ample cap room this season, such a delay is not needed.

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