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I would like to thank each and every member of the Footballguys staff for making my 2008 fantasy season one of my most memorable yet. While I made the playoffs in several leagues, alas I will not win any championships this year as I am now eliminated in every one. Even still, without Footballguys I would not have been around to sniff the cash. So, thank you to all the great staffers here at Footballguys, from Joe and David all the way down to the news reporters who keep us all informed on the latest NFL news.

Thanks to all the valuable members of the Shark Pool and these forums. Each of you offers valuable insight into many varying facets of the fantasy football game. Some of the best information comes from folks like you across the country and the world.

Thanks to all the great folks who participate in the mock drafts during the offseason over on the Mock Drafts Are Us forum. I always enjoy those drafts and then seeing how things turn out during the course of the season. Thanks to everyone who runs those drafts and to Twilight for handling the tracking of each league through the season. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Merry Christmas to all!!!!


I made the tournament in both leagues, but now playing for 3rd in both. FBG definitely played a role in me gettng there in the first place, and I echo your thanks!


I was always just an average fantasy player before I found FBG this year. Now out of the 3 leagues I am in, I was #1 in overall points in two of them, #1 overall in my main money league, made the playoffs in all 3 and made it to the superbowl in one of them. I definitely think the info and insight I found here made a huge difference, so a big thank you is definitely deserved!



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