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Let me begin by saying , This is the BEST Fantasy Football community anywhere to be found. Hands down. Ive been a long time lurker here and have enjoyed the wealth of expertise shared here many many times. There are so many GREAT & KNOWLEDGABLE FF players here. While the Shark Pool is the main reason we all use these forums. The Assistant Coach forum is also a great place to share our opinions . We all enjoy this game very much , enough to spend insane amounts of time & money each year (Shhh don't tell my wife! ) and we all have tough decisions we need to make from time to time. It would be GREAT if more people took some time to frequent the Asstiant Coach forum and gave their opinions to the guys in need of advice.

Heck , with so many staff members & qualified posters here ... It would be awesome for someone to be a permanent fixture there so we had the ability to " ask an expert " when we really needed to get some advice.

Again , love this site , love the forums and the unlimited knowledge shared by all here. I would just love to see some of these guys frequent that forum a little more and help those guys who are reaching out for help.

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Yeah, you're right. I should check that forum more. Not that I'm any expert, but maybe there's a question or two I could help with.

a lot of guys here have a lot to offer. Just figured it would be cool to see some more of them in that forum.

IIRC, there was a guy or two that would do weekend shifts prior to that weeks' games and give his advice, but that has been a few years. I think for me, the most draining part was reading people answering questions with their opinion and then having the OP arguing it. I mean you just asked for advice, that doesn't mean you have to take it, but jeez just thank the guy and move on, don't bash him for taking the time to answer your post.

Yea I ask a lot of tough questions in the AC forum but don't answer a lot. I just try and answer the questions that have similarities to my league.


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