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The Audible - DYNASTY SPECIAL - Practice Squad (1 Viewer)

Cecil Lammey


In This Episode: Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom go over some players on NFL practice squads that could one day produce in the NFL. Topics Include: could Richard Bartel develop into a solid starter in the NFL, why you need to know the name Eldra Buckley, the most talented young receiver on the Bengals is named Maurice Purify, plus more!

enjoy! :)

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Buffalo Bills

Bruce Hall, RB, Mississippi

CJ Hawthorne, WR, Hawaii

Felton Huggins, WR, Southeast Louisiana

Miami Dolphins

Anthony Armstrong, WR, West Texas A&M

Chris Brown RB/FB, Tennessee

Lex Hilliard, RB, Montana *

Todd Lowber, WR, Ramapo

New England Patriots

Maurice Price, WR, Charleston Southern

New York Jets

Jehuu Caulcrick, RB, Michigan State *

Marcus Henry, WR, Kansas *

Baltimore Ravens

Matt Lawrence, RB, UMass

Ernie Wheelwright, WR, Minnesota *

Ed Williams, WR, Lane *

Cincinnati Bengals

Maurice Purify, WR, Nebraska *

Mario Urritia, WR, Louisville

Cleveland Browns

Richard Bartel, QB, Tartleton State *

Lance Leggett, WR, Miami *

Steve Sanders, WR, Bowling Green

Pittsburgh Steelers

Marvin Allen, WR, St. Josephs

Dallas Baker, WR, Florida *

Martin Nance, WR, Miami (OH) *

Justin Vincent, RB, LSU *

Houston Texans

Alex Brink, QB, Washington St *

Mark Simmons, WR, Kansas

Darius Walker, RB, Notre Dame *

Indianapolis Colts

Lance Ball, RB, Maryland *

Sam Gigure, WR, Sherbrooke *

Taj Smith, WR, Syracuse *

Jacksonville Jaguars

Nate Hughes, WR, Alcorn St

Keon Lattimore, RB, Maryland *

Paul Smith, QB, Tulsa *

D'Juan Woods, WR, Oklahoma St

Tennessee Titans

Biren Ealy, WR, Houston

Denver Broncos

Steve Baylark, RB, UMass *

Cory Boyd, RB, S Carolina *

Jayson Foster, WR, Georgia Southern

Kansas City Chiefs

Ingle Martin, QB, Furman

Dantrell Savage, RB, Oklahoma St *

Oakland Raiders

DJ Hall, WR, Alabama *

Jeff Otis, QB, Columbia

Marcel Reece, FB, Washington

San Diego Chargers

Gary Banks, WR, Troy

Eldra Buckely, RB, Tenn-Chatanooga

Dallas Cowboys

Danny Amendola, WR, Texas Tech *

Marcus Thomas, RB, UTEP *

Paris Warren, WR, Utah *

Travis Wilson, WR, Oklahoma *

New York Giants

Taye Biddle, WR, Mississippi

Micah Rucker, WR, E Illinois

Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky *

Philadelphia Eagles

Drisan James, WR, Boise St

Shaheer McBride, WR, Delaware St

Washington Redskins

Horace Gant, WR, St. Olaf

Marques Hagans, WR, Virginia *

Chicago Bears

John Broussard, WR, San Jose St

Rudy Burgess, WR, Arizona St

Mike Hass, WR, Oregon St *

Detroit Lions

Allen Ervin, RB, Lambuth

Joel Filani, WR, Texas Tech

Paul Raymond, WR, Brown

Green Bay Packers

Jake Allen, WR, Miss. College

Brett Swain, WR, San Diego St

Lorne Sam, WR, UTEP

Minnesota Vikings

Albert Young, RB, Iowa *

Jaymar Johnson, WR, Jackson St

Atlanta Falcons

Chris Barclay, RB, Wake Forest

Noriaki Kiao####ta, WR, Ritsumeika

Chandler Williams, WR, Florida Int.

Carolina Panthers

Brett Basanez, QB, Northwestern *

Decori Birmingham, RB, Arkansas *

Kevin McMahon, WR, Maine

New Orleans Saints

Lynell Hamilton, RB, San Diego St

Jermaine Allen, RB, Staffordshire

Chris Francies, WR, UTEP

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Omar Cuff, RB, Delaware *

Michael Spurlock, WR, UTEP

Arizona Cardinals

Orea Jones, WR, Hampton

Lance Long, WR, Miss St

St Louis Rams

Matt Caddell, WR, Alabama

Nate Jones, WR, Texas


Mark Bradford, WR, Stanford

Seattle Seahawks

Michael Bumpus, WR, Washington St

Trent Shelton, WR, Baylor

* means we discussed them during the show


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