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Need a big win in my PPR this week! What are your thoughts in a PPR for this week at RB out of the following:

Ray Rice


Gio Bernard


Do I leave Rice on the pine this week for Gio and Woodhead?

Hey guys,

Any thoughts on whether or not we are seeing a perfect storm for Zach Ertz to put up TE1 numbers. Foles as QB, named co-starter, increased number of targets, and great schedule (DAL, NYG, OAK, GB, WAS, bye, ARI, DET, MIN, CHI) this feels like a recipe for success and a chance to be ahead of the curve.

Also looking ahead at the week 14-16, thoughts on Delanie Walker given TEN faces DEN, ARI, JAX those weeks?

Thanks in advance.

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Can you give us the scouting report on free agent acquisition WR Charles Johnson who was signed by the Browns off of the Packers practice squad.

Who cares if he's injured right now. It seems like their is some long-term upside

What are your takes?


Hey Guys,

would you trade Roddy White now or hold for his value to increase?

I was offered Vereen or Fjax for Roddy. My wrs are Dez, Blackmon, Allen, and Denarius Moore. I am trying to strengthen my rb's. I have Gio, CJ, Ridley and Sproles. Should I wait to see if his value increases and trade for an RB later or get Fred jackson for help now?

Not sure if Roddy will get healthy. What do you think Vereens value and usage will be?

Thanks in advance!

Hey guys who would you start at QB this week and who would you roll with going forward?:

Luck vs Denver

Cutler @ Washington

Next week they are both on a bye week so I'll have to drop one to pick up probably Roethlisberger, and whoever I drop, probably won't clear waivers depending on how well they do this week...

Love to hear your thoughts, thanks guys.

6 pts per TD
20 passing yards per point
10 rush yards per point
-2 pts per INT
-0.5 pts per sack
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