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PPR... looking for 1 of the following: Emanuel Sanders @Oak... Gibson @NE... Stills vs. Buf.

on the surface Sanders looks like the safest. but predicting the game scripts makes me want to lean Gibson. While Stills is only in consideration if injuries open things up for him.

whats your take?

What are you thoughts on these guys coming off injury as bench stashes:

Jonathan Stewart

Andre Brown

Shane Vereen

David Wilson

Worth picking up and dropping guys like Bernard Pierce, Bryce Brown, Joique Bell for.

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In a start 2 qb and lost cutler for a few weeks. Still have rivers. Next month - geno, Alex smith or case Keenum? Have rostered all 3 already but would like to only hold on to one or two of these guys for sake of my depth at rb and wr.

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Hey guys. Great job this year as always. I really appreciate your owning up to predictions that went sideways - happens to everyone and I really believe a healthy amount of error is part of what makes football analysis compelling.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on D. Martin through 2015? I liked him coming out but I know there are wildly differing opinions. Is it time to buy or should non-owners just stay away?

Looking to make room on my bench or trade to add some rb depth, can you rank Jake Locker, Matt Ryan and Kaepernick ROS? Currently have Ryan and Kap and Locker is on the WW.

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This is a trade question, but I'd be very interested in hearing you discuss your current feelings on these players:

I give Trent Richardson and AJ Green, and get Eddie Lacy and Pierre Garçon.

My team is hurting at RB (Richardson, Chris Johnson, Zac Stacy, and Quizz Rodgers) and I actually have a little flexibility at WR (Nelson, Gordon, Shorts, Stevie Johnson, Boykin, and Hopkins). I am 3-4 and middle of the pack right now, and really need to improve my RB situation (though I am higher on CJ?K the second half). If not this move, what do you recommend I try? I put out some feelers for LeVeon Bell but the owner doesn't seem to want to move him.

What is Zac Stacy's value rest of the season in PPR? He's getting tons of carries and is becoming more involved in the passing game, but with Bradford gone and the schedule looking pretty daunting is it time to sell or he is a guy that is worth more to you than he would be in a trade?


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