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The Audible LIVE! - 4/4/2013 - Dr Jene in the house! (1 Viewer)

Will Bruce Arians use Larry Fitzgerald in the slot as much this year as he did with Reggie Wayne in 2011?

Of the recent movement of skill position players through free agency in the NFL(ex. Wallace to MIA, Jennings to MIN, etc.), who do you guys feel will have the biggest increase in fantasy numbers and who will have the biggest decrease?

Also, If you have time, who do you guys predict will have the most immediate impact in fantasy in this years draft class?

What will Pep Hamilton's impact be on the Colt's skill positions? Who gains and who loses value from his offensive system? Not to mention DHB being signed.

With the draft being only 3 weeks away from tonight, what skill players are you the most excited to find out landing spots for?

Follow up question, what landing spot would elevate Eddy Lacy to the hands down consensus 1.01 for you over say Patterson, Allen, and Bernard? A recent poll in the shark pool had Lacy the 1.01 by a wide margin (83% non PPR and 68% PPR). On the flip side, what landing spots would have Lacy fall to the middle of round 1 in dynasty rookie drafts?

Thanks Guys! Welcome back Jene!


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