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The Audible LIVE! - 6.13.2013 10PM ET (1 Viewer)

How do you envision the Lions using Reggie Bush? Will he be used in a Sproles-likes role, a traditional RB role, or a mixture of both? Is his PPR ADP of 25 (RB15) appropriate?

Could all of you give an over/under on Bush for the following two?
Over/under 175 carries
Over/under 65 receptions

Sproles was a low-end PPR RB1 the past two seasons with 75, 86 receptions but only 48, 87 carries. Bush might not get as many receptions as Sproles but he'll likely get twice as many carries. Why can't Bush be a low-end RB1 or even more?
Eric from Baltimore

Hey guys how would you feel about going upside down with a league set up like mine. It's a 12 team full point PPR. We start 1QB 1RB 1WR 1TE 1K and 1DEF/ST 3 FLEX RB/WR

All TD UNDER 40 yds 6pts all Tds over 40 9 pts standard yardage scoring plus milestone bonuses at 300 yds passing and 100 yds rush or receiving

I tried it last season with a lil success lost in 2nd rd of playoffs I didn't draft a RB til 5th rd and got Alfred Morris right before season started

Can some one make a case for Knowshon Moreno? I'm a Ball fan, but he is a rookie and he could be be on a short leash with Fox. Hillman is not built to run between the tackles or be a great pass blocker. I'm not the biggest Moreno fan, but he runs hard everytime I watch him. He avg close to 20ppg in ppr once he was giving the job last season. Everything I read looks like the RB situation is figured out.

Building off of ShaHBucks question, is there any chance McGahee goes through a Bradshaw-esque situation where ends up somewhere as a starter?


For those not wanting to pay retail for a premium TE, but have a possible long term option, I'm looking for a sounding board because I have tunnel vision b-a-d.

Travis Kelce.

Bloom is already drinking the Kool Aid and I'm driving the Kelce Bus. Everything fits. Check down QB option, coach that uses TEs, nothing really in his way for competition, weak WR2 improves his opportunities. Gimme some of that on any day that ends in a "y".

So, he's comped to Gronk on NFL.com, what are we realistically looking at here in the next 1-3 seasons?


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HEy guys love the show! Tell Sigmund to slow it down on scrubbing the carpet! :)

But for reals. If Vincent Brown starts and stays healthy does that change where you'd rank him for Dynasty?


Interested in Buffalo's new look offense

Assuming Kolb starts what can we expect? The line lost a couple of guards, are they deep enough to protect Kolb or will he have to run for his life again?

Assuming he is protected reasonably well - can he deliver the goods or is he having PTSD from being hit more than the average nail behind that horrendous line. David Carr never recovered from his beating in HOU, is Kolb going to hear footsteps the rest of his life?

Bonus question:

Jax - Henne or Gabbert and does it matter if MJD is fat and out of shape following his Lisfranc surgery as rumoured. Could the Jax be looking to bring in a back for TC/beyond?


Always a fun listen - in a long running keeper league and am looking at tight ends, obviously Graham and Gronk will be kept and I'd imagine Hernandez and Tony G will be as well - we've got deep enough rosters that I can probably wait until my last two picks and gamble on two and hope one can hit low TE1 numbers and be kept for a steal, who are you liking? I really don't want to pick another Coby Fleener this year

Auction Dynasty league question. Commishing my first startup auction dynasty league this year. Most of the owners are new to the auction format so not a ton of bells and whistles.

12 teams, 22 man rosters, PPR (tight end premium) What's the best way to handle offseason player acquisition, including rookies? I'm inclined to throw the rookies into the FA pool and auction them off like any other player, but some owners are concerned about not having a regular draft in reverse order of finish because it doesn't let the teams that are worse off "catch up".

thoughts on this?

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My main league is TD-heavy, and I've got picks 11, 15, and 16. I'm expecting to use two of those picks on WRs, both due to roster fit/need and the expectation that WR will likely be BPA at that stage of the draft. Which receivers in this rookie class would you say deserve a bump in the rankings for TD-heavy dynasty leagues?

Hey guys,

Interested in your thoughts on Matt Forte vs. DeMarco Murray for a 2-3 year window. Is it right to see Murray as the upside and Forte as the safe bet? Who do you prefer?

Virtual Sigmund almost made up for having to hear Lammey bang on about the Broncos RB situation for the first 40 minutes of the pod, barely taking a breath. Talk about overkill.

Can we talk more about the Broncos? Seriously, the first 40 minutes, until Gene came on, was the Bronco's Show. There are 31 other teams right? I love the show and know that its only June so there aren't a lot of stories to flush out, but come on. Do we really need to dive into the RB5 on the Broncos? Even Cecil was thinking they may slip him to the practice squad.

Episode Positives:

-Dr Gene (as always)

-Virtual Sigmond

Episode elements to work on:

-31 other teams to cover

-Sound volume was all over the map. Blew out my ears on several occasions.

-Ads running upwards of four minutes now.


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