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The Audible LIVE! - 7.11.2013 10PM ET (1 Viewer)

Love the show guys, keep up the great work!

Seems like there's a lot of love for some 2nd year guys (I guess we can include Kap in there as well) in the rankings this year. We all know about the upside for second year RB's like Martin, T-Rich, Morris, Miller & Wilson. As well as Luck, RG3, Wilson, Kaepernick and Tannehill. What I want you guys to do is give me the ones who you think are most likely to bust.....GO!

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-What is your take on leagues that penalizes a QB a point for a sack or int but still keeps passing TDs at six points? I did one last year (cutler) and it was terrible! I can live with INT but combine with sacks and you'll get some pretty awful games.

-what is your end all, be all argument to try to convert stubborn, non ppr leagues to ppr? In a league where the owners won't even listen to me and haven't for years. Their argument is the same stuff you've probably heard before.


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Mike in jax, fl

Could you please give a scouting report and analysis of the redraft and dynasty prospects for the OAKLAND WRs? What are the values to be found here for 2013 and beyond?

Thank you.

Expanding more on Backside Pursuits question, on teams where the talent of the WR core is less than average(Washington, Minnesota, Oakland), is there value to be had by WRs simply because the ball is going to be thrown, or is it pointless as we can't expect any sort of reliable fantasy production from them?


No "right" answer here, but what are your thoughts on a live auction or a slower, 24 hour proxy auction for a new league?


Dr. Jene: Please give us your insight on Jonathan Stewart surgery and recovery timeframe.

Matt: Is it the shark move to run and get DeAngelo Williams ASAP?

Sigmund: Considering what we know today would you rank DWill above Giovanni Bernard, Andre Brown, Jonathan Stewart, BJGE and R. Mendenhall?

Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Who's a better value at their current ADP David Wilson or Andre Brown?

How do you see Andre Roberts performing in Bruce Arians offense? He was decent before Kolb and the O-Line went down.

Love the show guys, this will be my 3rd yr in my 2 qb league, and I have

been given the 4th pick overall. Points are 6pts across the board for either

A qb, rb, wr or te. Non ppr. Starting lineup is 2 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te

1 k and 1 dst. 12 teamer

Qbs fly off the board quickly so would you go Peterson at 4 or would

You take Ryan or Cam? I know Manning Brees and Rodgers will be gone

by then.

Also Stay Frosty!

First time poster!! Love the show guys!

I want to talk about EJ Manuel and CJ Spiller...if Manuel wins the starting QB job during training camp, is there any chance he hooks up with CJ Spiller running the read option the way RGIII and Alfred Morris did last year? Is there any chance Manuel could have a year 1 impact similar to RGIII?

Thanks guys!

The entire staff of FBG is having a meeting in a warehouse when there's an earthquake. You are all trapped indefinitely and have access to water but no food -- which fellow FBG staffer would you vote to eat first?

Hi guys,

Thanks for the great show as always.

So, here is a situation I am looking at, in case I encounter it and was wondering what you guys thoughts.

In a redraft - PPR and Non PPR, if you have the last or 2nd last pick in the round and both Megatron and Graham are available, would you take Megatron in the 1st and grab Graham on the turn, if they were options?

Or no, because it puts you behind the 8-ball with running backs?

Thanks for the great show.


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Hi guys

I would be interested if you could pick a few players from the 2012 draft who you view as entering a critical year this season. What players from that draft, if we don't really see much from them this year, do you think are pretty much done?


Hi guys,

Two part question for VBD enthusiasts:

1. Name a player who you think out-performs their ADP by 3 or more rounds this year.

2. Similarly, name a player who under-performs their ADP by 3 or more rounds.

Cecil, my only caveat is that you cannot answer this question using the two words, "Ronnie" or "Hillman". :-D

Thanks and peace out!


I will follow WMH's VBD question with a core VBD question. When converting a players stat projections through your scoring system, how do you account for yardage thresholds? For example, QBs receive zero points for yards until they hit 150 yards and then they get a flat 5 points at 150 yards. After 150 a QB receives 1 point for every 25 yards.

It seems you cant simply divide a projected 4000 passing yards for an entire season by 25 yards to arrive at total points for yardage.....any thoughts on how to account for this from a VBD standpoint?

This one is for Bloom. You've been a big advocate of taking Jimmy Graham in the second round if he's available and taking at least 2 RBs in the first 3 rounds. Let's say you draw pick 11 or 12 in a 12 team PPR league with a flex and take Graham and a RB to start. The league is very RB heavy and when your third round pick comes around, all of your Boom/Bust RB2s (according to your RB tiers article) are gone. At this point, what is your plan for RB2? Who would you be targeting and when?

In a 1 QB PPR and PP completion league...am I crazy to totally wait on QB until round 8/9/10 and then take a couple of guys from the cutler, bradford, tannehill, eli range and hope for one to hit as a QB1?

In Dynasty if you are already a Hillman owner do you...

Draft Montee Ball if you are able thus doubling your frustration

Trade Hillman for reasonable value if you can and get out and avoid the situation altogether

Hold Hillman and hope somehow Cecil can will him onto the field

Bloom, can you explain your Dwayne Allen love despite all the Fleener hype that is out there this offseason? Love to hear everyone else's thoughts on this too! Thanks, love the show guys.

higgins said:
The entire staff of FBG is having a meeting in a warehouse when there's an earthquake. You are all trapped indefinitely and have access to water but no food -- which fellow FBG staffer would you vote to eat first?
Most intriguing: Joe Bryant. He eats a ton of BBQ. Not sure whether he'd be first because of that or last because he's an expert at smoking meat.

higgins said:
The entire staff of FBG is having a meeting in a warehouse when there's an earthquake. You are all trapped indefinitely and have access to water but no food -- which fellow FBG staffer would you vote to eat first?
i would vote for myself in a ploy to get out of the crosshairs by acting selfless.


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