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The Audible LIVE! - 7.25.2013 10PM ET (1 Viewer)

There seems to be a major grouping of WRs going near each other and I am oftenedy deciding between some combination of Nicks, Cruz, SSmith, Decker, Colston, Nelson and Bowe. How do you guys sort this group out?

You guys are the best. I am looking forward to another great show.

I need to add some WR depth to my dynasty PPR squad. I am looking for some values who can contribute mostly as bye week/injury fill-in for the short term, but represent value based on potential for future seasons.

Who are some young wideouts you believe would be good trade targets to outperform their present value?

If the Chiefs offense is going to improve under Andy Reid then who is the WR to own other than D-Bowe D-Show?

Is Donnie Avery worth a look in PPR?

Is it too soon to give up on Baldwin?

Is there anyone we're not seeing?

Thanks as always for all you do.

I'm entering my first year in an experienced 20 team Re-Draft. .5 PPR, 6 Pts All TDs, with WR's very devalued (only 1 pt per 20 - top WR last year was 190 pts, top RB 350, top QB 470.) I can start 1-2 RB, 3-5 WR, 1-2 TE. Am I right to put WRs on the back burner in terms of strategy in this format? It just seems like it's pretty much hoping for TDs with the scoring system being so weak for WRs.

I have the #2 pick - do I go with my top RB, or top QB? I made a trade and now also pick #22 overall. Looking at the league's past results, it looks like at least 6 QBs will go in the first round (first 20 picks.) Getting one of those premium no-doubter QBs seems even more important in a 20 team league, and with 6 pt per TD pass.

Sorry, a lot of numbers in there, but appreciate any insight on 20 team leagues that you guys can give me. Thanks!

There seems to be consensus this year that RB is the most shallow position. On this show you've recommended focusing on tailback early in drafts. To what extent do your views on positional scarcity change when considering a 10-team league? Same strategy?

Hey guys I'm in a 10 team non ppr FFL 6 points for all TDs. I pick 4th J Charles Peterson and P Manning are going 1 2 and 3

Having a hard time with who to pick out of A Foster vs L McCoy what do u guys think who would u guys pick one of these or someone else?

Thanks love the show

Does the signing of Eric Winston improve the Cardinals O-Line enough to make any of their backs deserve a second look?

Does the signing of John Abraham (along with some of the other play makers) make the Arizona D/ST a possible sleeper? Or at least a team that you'll be looking to as a spot starter?

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This is for Wildman. Can you explain your overall PPR ranking for Vereen? More specifically, how exactly do you envision him being used? You have called him a movable chess piece, which you used for Hernandez too. However, Hernandez was a threat as a blocker and receiver and made the decision of playing base vs nickel tough for defensive coordinators. Vereen doesn't have that blocking element to his game and doesn't pose the same threat as Hernandez. Can you touch on the match up difficulty Vereen provides, if any, for defensive coordinators?

Hey FBG crew, I'd love to get you're opinions on Mike Williams as a value play in Redraft and Dynasty. I'm wondering if maybe there is something I'm missing about him, as I've been targeting him in all my leagues and feel like I am able to get him later than I should given his production.

Everyone likes to cite his 2011 as a "bad" year, but looking at his stats he still saw his typical 125 targets and maintained his catch rate. The dip in fantasy production was mainly from depth of targets and lack of TDs (an elusive stat at best). So to my eyes what you have in Mike is thrice proven commodity who's never missed a game.

Are there legit concerns suppressing him on people's boards, or is he just not a sexy pick with VJax opposite him (whom it could be said he outplayed last year)? Thanks for all your hard work on all the podcasts and thanks for your time.

I would like each of you to weigh in on this one.

I always here you guys talking about anything you can do to "spice up" your league and also how information is no longer power since the explosion of the internet and social media.

Combining these two concepts, I have often suggested to my league mates that we outlaw all magazines, cheat sheets, tablets, laptops, smart phones etc from our live and in person drafts. Having to rely solely on the football knowledge in your head to draft your team. There is nothing worse than having someone snipe your sleeper (Hillman for me last year) just because he is next on their magazines list, not because they know anything about the player.

I know you are promoting the Draft GM App (I am beta testing the android version) but please give me your thoughts about a crutch-less draft....cool idea, no good?

Thanks! Love FBG and The Audible

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Bloom, you've brought up your strategy of going RB heavy early and waiting on QB's. This makes sense for all the reasons you have stated, but how does this affect your strategy in 2 QB leagues? Do you ease off the RB's? Do you abandon the idea of taking J. Graham in round 1 or 2? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Hello Gentlemen.

Really love all your shows and especially appreciate your interaction via social media, email etc with all of us wanting to learn more about the game.

I wanted to ask about Wildmans upside down drafting strategy. Is there an "ideal" situation to use this in. Is it best in deeper or shallower leagues? 12 team? 16 team? Do you find that you stick with it through the whole draft? Any tips on how to use this strategy in Auctions?

How would you see it going this year? For me, I would think targeting Jimmy Graham would be the best way to upside-down your draft, as all other positions seems to have more depth.

For the record, I am in 2 leagues where I have used this method. I have won both in that time. The only time I missed finals was when injuries struck and I was stuck last year with Harvin, Nelson, Forte, Hernandez and Vick. (ok, that last bit is only so I can have my weekly whine about not making the finals last year.

Hey guys, love the show. I listen every week, usually while driving to work or while working out, sometimes both when I can't keep up with all the content during the season!

I started up a new 20 team dynasty league this year. All of the owners know each other, and none of us have done a dynasty league before, and most of us have never done IDP's before. Starting lineup requirements are QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, flex (R/W/T), K, DT, DE, 2 LB, CB, S. 32-man rosters. We just finished our draft, which took 2 months to complete.

I was wondering if you could give some advice on how to approach a league like this. Are QB's more valuable? 55 QB's were drafted, so if your starter gets hurt and you don't have a good backup, you could be getting a bunch of 0's. How important are the IDP's in a setup like this? It seems RB's are still king, but due to their rapid rise and descent, maybe they aren't as valuable as I would think. Even kickers seem to be more important (36 were drafted) due to the fact that a small number of them are expected to score each week, and if you don't have one, you get a 0.

Any insights into this type of setup would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Long time listener

I'm toying with a new strategy this year - similiar to Wild Man's upside down drafting... nabbing a QB/WR hook with huge upside and hoping they light it up week 15 & 16.

What QB/WR hooks (that you could nab around rounds 3 & 9) do you think could win leagues outright? I'm thinking Dez & Romo. Thoughts?


Could I crack the top 12 fantasy TE's my rookie year and break the trend of rookie TE flops?


Tyler Eifert

Best draft slots in 12 teamers? Go!

Eddie! I want half! I heard that Cecil. Hahaha

What have you done for me lately?!?!

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