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Hey Guys,

Don't tell us how brilliant Ozzie Newsome or Bill Belichick is, just give an honest objective take on which top-seven teams:

1. Improved strictly on a talent level from the final game of last year up to right now. Explain how a bit.

2. Got weaker today than they were the final game of last year. Explain how a bit.

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And maybe a word on how you see the rest of the RB carousel going this offseason. Where's S Jax going? Will Bradshaw find work? Will J Stew and D Will stay linked for another year? Is Denver holding with what they have?

What are you seeing as a fix for the debacle at RB in Pittsburgh. My Steelers need a lot of help on both sides of the ball!

Wow Cecil's laugh after bringing up Kolb to the Jets was hilarious. I almost spit up my food. Times are hard as a Jets fan :wall:


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